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My Wife and Me at The Book Store Part 1

  • Monday, May 11 2009 @ 02:56 PM CDT
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My wife and I decided to drive to the local adult book store and check things out together. Since we are both bisexual and very open with eachother,we found sharing peeks into the magazines was a turn on for both of us.
"Hey here is something I would love to do sweetie" I said as I flipped through a magazine of pictures of guys sucking cock while their wifes watched.She stood there for a moment and then looked up to me.
"Let me find a picture I like"
She went for a magazine filled with pictures of girls getting their pussies fingered by other girls.
"You are really hot"
"So are you"
"You like what you see,I know I do"
"Yes,fuck yes"
"Oh god I love it when you say fuck and really mean it."
"fuck fuck fuck"
"Lets look some more."
"I want to watch you get your cock sucked on by that guy over there."
"Christ you are hot babe"
"My pussy is dripping wet."
"See that woman over there?"
"You want her cunt don't you."
"Don't make me cum right here in this goddamn store."
"Who's cock would you suck on in front of me?"
"I don't know."
"Well think."
"I'm thinking..............I know but maybe you might laugh."
"Try me"
"Well.................... your dad or brother!!!!!!"
"You fuckin pervert..............love it."
"Thought you would."
"You can do it. Its ok with me as long as I can watch."
"Fuck girl"
"No fuck my dad and brother."
"Your brother have a nice asshole?"
"I don't know go ask him."
"You never tried anything with him?"
"Hey he's my brother."
"Just asking."
"Maybe he will let me fuck him"
"Never know until you ask."
"And your dad?"
"Yah what?"
"Yah he has a nice hole."
"No kidding,you did your dad?"
"Later dude."
"Hold that thought."
"I will."

"Hey lets move on to what turns me on."
"I know pussy is hot."
"My pussy is hot."
"Yah I know."

"We need to take some of these magazines home with us."
"Pick up a few some you like and some for me and I will go pay for them."
"You had better have your goddamn credit card ready."
"Don't worry dear."
"Hey,talk dirty for me when I look at this. Just look over my shoulder and talk dirty."
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck............fuck fuck fuck"
"I just spilled some cum in my pants."
"Cool guy"
"You are welcome."

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