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Belly ache

  • Thursday, May 22 2008 @ 06:08 PM CDT
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I notice there are only two stories in the S&M topic, so here is a true story from three days ago. I had just finished my morning bath and heard knocking on the back door. I thought it was my wife since she forgets her key a lot so I went nude to the door to let her in. As the door swung open , to my surprise, it was my buddy Ted. He just walked in grinning as he eyed my body. "I came over to fuck your wife Bro , Where is she"? I told him she wasn't home and cupped my own cock and balls, lifting them toward him. Want to fuck me , you know I'm good I breathed. "All that estrogen she has had you on has sure made you soft , he said. You do look good he said as he reached for my cock and balls ,gripping and squeezing as he pulled on them. Oh , the pain felt so good! I stood there groaning as he squeezed and pulled harder and harder causing dull pain up in my belly. With his other hand he let his shorts fall letting his huge foot long cock flop out , dripping strings of pre cum ! " Fuck me before she comes home , and hurt me I said , please shove that monster in me till you hurt me high up in my belly, please"! Just as I pulled his big hose to my lips and slid the big oozing head as far into my mouth as I could , he upper cut my slack bent over belly sending me to my knees. I put both hands around his long cock and started pumping him as I sucked. Soon he was fucking my mouth hard and suddenly he began cumming as he pumped my head like a deep cunt, spuing huge amounts of thick cum into my gulping mouth. As he finished , I heard a noise behind me and looked around to see my wife taking off her cloths and comming toward us . She was cussing as she grabbed my hair, pulling my head to her cunt . I began gulping her big cunt lips till I had a mouth full. As I looked up I saw Ted drive his fist deep into her puffey belly and felt her jerk back . Again he drove it deep in her belly , making her groan and start cumming as I swollowed all she secreated. Then she collapsed to the floor on her back, her big tit meat rolling all over her chest as she began cussing me for messing with Ted. We told her we were sorry as Ted greased his big dong with crisco from the shelf. Roll her on her side he said, and you stand up and kick her in the belly, hard! As she heard what he said , she looked into my eyes and slowly rolled to her side. " Do it if you want to, but keep kicking till I pass out ". Ted looked down at her and told me to get out of the way so he could fix her belly so I could finally gut fuck my whore wife. She heard what he said and told us the fillet knife was in the cuppard, and to use it on her so my cock could go in her lower belly as far as I needed! I couldn't believe I was finally going to gut fuck my wife , a years long dream after I saw her do it in a home torture movie with her sadist brother pumping in and out of her belly! I had begged her constantly asking her brother how it felt infront of her so she would hear him describe how it felt. Now I was gonna do it! As I drove my foot into her belly , she groaned as her eyes saw ted putting alcahol on the knife. After seven hard kicks she was out , laying on her side. I moved back as Ted moved in and laid the knife across her bloating belly. Slowly he began incerting the blade starting at one side of her belly and pushing down toward the uther side, going across her belly two inches below her belly button guiding the blade through the layer of fat running across her belly. The blade did'nt enter her abdominal cavity. It was like liposuction would be except the incison was just wide enough for my cock to be forced into her. As he pushed the blade to the hilt I mounted her, jerked the knife out and shoved into her belly! As my cock sank into the pocket Ted had made in her belly fat I felt him began pushing his big cock into me. Suddenly he ramed me all the way, pushing me as deep as my cock could go in my wife! She was groaning now and and trying to roll her belly like a belly dancer as she lay on her side with me on top of her pumping into her belly. Ted was driving into me busting my guts with that monster cock. Then he started pumping his cum into me and kept it buried till he was done and pulled out of me and just watched my wife's belly as I began cumming and pumping like a wild man till I passed out! When I awoke she was screaming as he flushed the wound with alcahol and closed the incision with butter fly clips and liquid skin. "Was it all you thought it would be Honey?" As I bent over on my knees to kiss her , I felt Ted's monster cock starting in me again. I was groaning as I kissed her. Soon he was in me all the way again as I felt my wife start push her fist hard up into my belly to make contact with the big dong pumping inside my own belly . What pain in my guts! Soon I came shooting it down onto her tits and ribs as Ted blew his own cum deep in my brused guts. "I hope it was good my wife said because After I open your belly like mine Ted is going to gut fuck you the same way you did me and my brother is going to take a turn too." As soon as I'M healed we're gonna do you baby, then I'll post it on this site,,,, I love you Babe, so I'll post your story for you to read while I deep fist fuck your pretty ass."


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  • Belly ache
  • Authored by: wilbur on Saturday, August 30 2008 @ 02:37 PM CDT
I'm loving this story. Got any more?

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