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My Dad, My husband and my wet pussy

  • Sunday, April 20 2008 @ 01:03 PM CDT
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We were snowed in for the weekend with my dad in the Colorado mountains. The rest of the family couldn't make it to the cabing since the roads were closed. I went to take a nap and my husband and dad were going to watch a movie. I didn't know it was a porn dvd. They were both sitting on the couch close together when I walked out then I saw that their pants were off and they were jerking each other off. I noticed that I was wet. I stripped right behind them without them realizing that I was there. I was watching the woman suck the boys cock with the other one in her other hand. She was going back and forth between them. I moved the table from the couch and said, "boys, stand up." They did. I faced the movie and started sucking my dad's cock and rubbing my husband's at the same time. I went back and forth between them. They were still watching the movie and I focused on their cocks. My dad sprayed cum in my mouth I swallowed just in time to put my mouth on my husband's before he filled my mouth with cum. They both looked down at me and I smiled. They were in shock. We sat back down and my dad just kept saying it was wrong but felt so good. We watched the video in silence then the boys on the dvd went down on the woman. One on the tits one on the pussy. My dad went down on my pussy and my husband on my tits. Then my husband straddled my breasts and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him off while my dad tongue fucked me, then finger fucked me for another orgasm. They both took turns licking me clean. We did this for awhile then I asked them to cum to bed. They followed me. I wanted cock in me and wanted it now. I laid down and spread my legs wide. I said, "fuck me daddy with that huge cock of yours." He did as I asked. I was thrusting wildly while my husband watched rubbing his cock. My dad pulled out and moved away then my husband fucked me. I was so happy. We had dinner and then fucked each other by the fire. We roasted marshmallows together. They dipped the marshmallow in my cream and toasted them. It was erotic watching my men eating that way. That weekend my pussy juice was what they dipped anything they could before they ate their snacks. They even fucked me on the kitchen counter and afterwards dipped their celery and carrots in my pussy dip. We fucked each other all night. Then when we woke up nude and I was on my dad we noticed cars on the roads below. So we showered quickly and got dressed. Luckily, for me no one wanted to come to the cabin that weekend. So we stripped for the rest of the weekend. I fucked my daddy several times. I fell in love with his cock. My husband was a little jealous until my dad started fucking his ass then he understood why I loved dad's cock. I loved watching them fuck each other they had me positoned so the one with cock in his ass would be eating my pussy. I loved watching my dad suck my tits he sucked like their was milk in them. I stood in front of them with one on each tit and one of their hands in my pussy rubbing me. I was in ecstacy. We asked my dad to move in with us when he retired. Until then he stays at my house for the major holidays. I take time off when he comes to spend time with him and his cock. Last time I went down on his cock in the parking garage just to relieve him until we got home. Then inside the front door I had my pussy going down on my dad's cock. Just thinking about rubbing my pussy on his thick big cock.....


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