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It all began with a Pussy Lickin

  • Sunday, April 20 2008 @ 12:21 PM CDT
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My husband and I had a great relationship but he wouldn't lick my pussy. One day I was in a chat room discussing my frustration. One person by the name of Tracy was so nice and understood. We struck up a friendship and started emailing each other. I couldn't tell if Tracy was a man or a woman, she/he never talked about their privates. My nickname was Junebug. My husband and I were in the local porn shop and he said, "hey, Junebug come here and look at this." I noticed a handsome man perk up. I looked at him and he looked me up and down then licked his lips. My heart skipped a beat. I mouthed are you Tracy. He nodded. I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote my cell number down and gave it to him. That night the coversation was more intense and now we discussed his cock and my mouth. He invited me to meet him for a threesome at the porn shop. I went back a few days later and went to the back where people can rent rooms with the option to open the windows for onlookers. Tracy loved to show it off so of course the windows were open. I watched him carressing the man with his hands and lips. Both cocks long and hard. I went in and undressed trembling with fear and excitement. He told me to go in front of the man,which turned out to be my husband. I did and Tracy guided him not realizing this since my husband. I looked at my husband he was slightly embarrassed. I looked down and said, "hi, my name is Junebug and it makes me wet to see your ass being filled with cock. Then I went down and sucked his cock for the first time. Funny how my husband got his cock taken care of before me. When Tracy was finished I laid down to received his lucsious cock in my pussy. I knew I wanted his tongue but for now that thick cock needed riding. I ended up on top riding him while my husband licked his balls. Then Tracy lifted me and licked me clean. I laid back down and spread my pussy for both to look and Tracy pulled out a dildo with several vibrating settings. He and my husband worked my clit with the vibrating dido. Then my husbands fingers went in and he tasted his fingers. Then he pushed the dildo aside and began sucking my clit with several sucking kisses to my pussy and then he took his tongue and began tasting me, his tongue and fingers made me cream his face. Tracy licked it off my husband's face and went down on my pussy. He was so good. I had multiple orgasms within minutes. My husband watched taking in all of the techniques to work me. They both fucked me again. While Tracy fucked me my husband put his cock in Tracy's ass. I loved it. I stood back and asked Tracy to fuck my husband again, I sat on my husband's cock facing Tracy and while he fucked my husband I was kissing his face getting more turned on and then felt my husband cum in me. Tracy licked the cum out of me then off my husband. My husband then asked Tracy to fuck me in the ass while he watched. Tracy put his thick cock in my ass going from cunt to ass while I lubricated him. My husband was standing too close that I reached out and sucked his cock. He watched as a man's cock went in and out of his wife's ass that he filled my mouth with cum. When they were finished with me I watched them kissing with a passion that kept me wet with excitement. We both asked if we could meet him again. He said sure. We both were so into Tracy we forgot to tell him that we were married. That night I asked him how he met that man. He was down one of the aisle looking at butt plugs and we struck up a conversation and he said he wanted a cock in him. So he gave me his number and I thought it would be good if we got together. I told Tracy he was my husband and I was shocked to see him with Tracy when I walked up but it was so sexy I had to fuck both of them. I said, " I loved the kissing it was so erotic and I loved his cock. Tracy started coming over to the house for some of our threesomes. Sometimes he just comes to fuck me, I love his nice thick cock in all my holes. We still don't know his last name but when I have his cock in my mouth I could care less. When I watch my husband's face as he fills Tracy's ass with his cock I am glad Tracy his tongue fucking my cunt I get the best of both worlds. I just heard the door open, it's Tracy with a hard on that I have to release all by myself. Bye.


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  • It all began with a Pussy Lickin
  • Authored by: xjoyrider on Saturday, April 24 2010 @ 09:21 AM CDT
That was an awesome story. It contained all the elements. The surprise was my favorite part. Next time in the porn shop who knows the wife may find herself buying a strapon!! Wow... Anyway Great story!!

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