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The whole family when I was 11

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 09:27 PM CDT
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We were out in the garden when I turned and saw my five year old brother licking my mom's private parts. She was moaning and guiding him where he should lick. I didn't realize that I had put my doll in my pants. My mom looked at me and said pull your panties down Nancy and rub it then. I pulled my panties down and took my doll face in my pussy. The hard tits she had were turning me on. I didn't know she was hitting my clit when I worked her in there. I pulled her out and she was wet. Mom said to lick her off. So I did. She said, " so you are getting hair down there, has dad seen it?" I said,"no." She said, "do what you just did in front of your dad tonight. You won't regret it."
So after dinner I went in to my dad's office and told him mom sent me to show him something. He turned to look at me and I took off my panties and showed him my hairy pussy. Then I said," she wanted me to show you this too." He had me lay down on his couch and he sat at the end and watched my doll rub my clit and her head going in my vagina. When I pulled it out he took it and licked her clean. He smiled at me and leaned down and started licking me. I relaxed that he wasn't mad at me. It felt so much better than the doll because he made sounds and could suck me. I started thrusting my pelvis and was a little scared but then it happened I put cream on his face. He was happy I sat on his lap and licked his face. Then I felt his pants getting hard. He stood and took off his pants. I saw it was the same as my brother's Bud dick but larger. So I pulled it towards me and licked it like Mom licked Bud's. I started moving my hands up and down and then put it in my mouth putting it in and out like a tootsie pop. Then he filled my mouth with cream. Then he rubbed it on my pussy. I was glad that I had showed him. He went to the door and had Bud come in. He told him to take off his shorts and get his rod hard. He is little and dad wanted him to start inserting in me so we would be more comfortable when mommy and daddy started fucking us. So I laid there and felt my brother's dick in me. I really liked the feeling and couldn't wait until dad's cock was in me. But that day I found out parents were responsible to help us understand sex and to guide us. My mom came in and saw Bud inserting it in me and was so happy he was learning to please a girl. Then Bud got off and mom put it in her mouth and worked him and dad put his tongue in me so I could make more cream. Mom was right I never regretted it.


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