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My twin brothers and their cocks

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 01:13 PM CDT
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It was a nice Saturday afternoon and we were home alone. My fourteen year old twin brothers walked in nude and hard. Jill which dick is larger. I turned around and was stunned but excited when I saw their hard dicks. I was sixteen. I said, " they are both the same length looking closely of course. But let me see if they both work the same." I dropped my shorts and rubbed Todd's dick in my cunt back and forth then went Tim's. The boys were excited. Then I took Todd's dick in my mouth sucking on the head. Then Tim's.I said,"boys I can only do one of you at a time. Does the other want to put their dick in the other's ass?" They were startled but agreed to get their cock sucked.I got out some vaseline and lubed Todd's hole.The Tim started thrusting his cock into his brother. I was in front licking his balls and then licking his cock. He came in my mouth and I slurped him up. He was well lubricated and Tim came around. I put him in my mouth sucking him and pumping him with my hand. I enjoyed his cum. The boys were excited and wanted the results and I said, " wait boys you haven't put those cocks in me yet." So I laid on the bed and Tim put his cock in and I sucked on Todd some more. I felt the warm load in my mouth and vagina. Then they switched. I had never had an orgasm before and those boys brought me to that place twice. I told them before I could tell them they would have to fuck me more often. They smiled at each other and said, " sure. Anytime." I loved our weekends from that time on. There is something about twins rubbing their hands all over your body, twice the cock, twice the fun.


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