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Sally, Bob and me

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 12:43 PM CDT
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My parents were going away for the weekend so they had Sally a seventeen come to stay with us. I was a fifteen year old girl and my brother was 13. She walked in and I think dad, Bob and I all licked our lips when she walked in the room in a tube top and shorts. My parents left and dinner was the usual. Then we were getting ready for bed and she came out of the bathroom in a lace teddy with lace thong on. I saw her nipples and her hairy pussy. I was wet and not thinking. I said, "nice can I suck on those?" She said,"sure come into the guest bedroom." I stopped by my brother's room and saw his hand moving under the sheets. I said, " come to the guest room in about five minutes and you might not have to finish what you are doing." I went into the room she had the sheets pulled back and laying nude on the bed. She tapped the bed beside her and said,"join me." I stripped down and climbed into the bed. She guided my head to her tits. I began licking the tit and then began sucking on it. She guided my hand down to her hairy pussy. I took it from there and slide my finger down into her hole bringing juice back over her clit. My brother walked in and dropped his shorts. She saw his dick hard and standing. She motioned for him to come. Then guided his dick into her mouth. I lay with my face in her pussy and looked up to see his hips thrusting. I began inserting my tongue in and out matching my brother. She creamed my face as she took in his cum. Then we switched places. I lowered my pulsating pussy onto her face and he went down to play with her cunt. I turned my self so I could face my brother. We both leaned forward and started kissing. She had her hands on my butt rubbing me and then her tongue going in and out. Bob leaned forward and sucked on my tit. We all enjoyed the cream. Sally and I licked Bob clean. I went down on him with my mouth and he immediately sprayed cum into my mouth. We spent the night kissing and licking each other. We woke up the next morning covered in dry cum and nude. At first we were a little embarrassed. But Sally being the great babysitter put a hand on my pussy and a hand on his dick stroking us until we relaxed. Then we began again. We enjoyed her being there and when the parents called and said, " sorry we aren't coming back until next Friday." We toughed it out. From that night on Bob and I fucked each other almost every other night. When he was sixteen and Sally came by a visit. She licked her lips. We laughed and showed her his new room and his new "equipment." Mom couldn't understand what took so long but we told her we had a lot to catch up on. It takes time to suck cock, tits and pussies.


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