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Dad, Uncle Dick and me

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 11:58 AM CDT
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I was about thirteen and was nude in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. I forgot to lock the door and my dad with Uncle Dick rushed in. I saw their shorts bulging. They looked disappointed and I said," no, stay. I want to watch." Dad said,"ok. Then Uncle Dick said, "sit on the counter and shows us your pussy." I got up on the counter and spread my legs. Uncle Dick was pumping his dick into my father. My father had a hand on both sides of me supporting him. I reached up and started kissing my father. As he was getting pumped he was putting his tongue in my mouth faster. I looked down and saw my dad's dick standing up. I went in between his arms and onto the floor. Before he could stop me I had my mouth on his cock. He tried to tell me to stop but I was relieving his cock and it pumped my mouth and Uncle Dick filled his ass with cream and he filled my mouth with cream. I stood up smiling as I was swallowing he looked upset. Then I kissed him and said," daddy I love your cock and it is alright." Then he stroked his cock and inserted it in Uncle Dick's ass. I looked at Uncle Dick and saw his massive cock and smiled. He put his hand down to stop me but I moved around it and started licking his balls. He said,"oh, baby you are so like your mom." Dad and I was startled but kept working him. He tasted different from dad but I enjoyed his cock in my mouth. Dad and I worked together in unison and cream flowed freely. They were done. But I was a little sad. Then Uncle Dick lifted me up and I stood on the counter while he and dad inspected my pussy. Running their fingers in my cunt. Dad worked on the clit and Uncle Dick inserted his middle finger in me. I was thrusting my pelvis and they had to steady me with their other hands. Then as my cream came out they both took turns licking me out. Then dad turned and asked about my mom. Uncle Dick said," oh she use to work on me with her mouth when I was younger." Dad was surprised and said," she never has done that for me." Uncle Dick told him to ask her. Later that night I heard moans and dad saying," Beth you sure have a mouth on you." Mom saying in muffles, " I love swallowing big cock, Dave." Then I noticed I was wet down there and put my fingers in and licked them clean. I love it when Uncle Dick babysits now. My mouth works him over and he never has to make dinner because he is mine and I am his dessert. Daddy doesn't know it but my ass can take Uncle Dick's cock. I love riding it down into me and he moves his fingers in my vagina while he pumps me. I play with my clit and then he licks me clean.


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