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Dad Watched Me and My Mom

  • Friday, August 18 2006 @ 02:50 PM CDT
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Dad Watched Me and My Mom...

Mom and I were in her bedroom again totally naked with me standing at the side of her and my dad's' bed. Mom was kneeling between in front of me sucking my 9'' uncut cock. She held the base of my hard tool with her left hand working my foreskin while dildo-fucking herself with a 12" black rubber dildo in her right fist moaning and groaning making me gasp and grunt.

"Shoot your cum into the back of my throat again," mom said looking up at me smiling from ear to ear.
"You're so fucking hot Mom," I said stuffing my hard dick inside her hot oral cavity again.

I began banging mom's face, fucking it for all I was worth.

When my knob lodged inside mom's tight throat she swallowed pinching my knob. I began spewing for the second time that Saturday afternoon dumping my spunk down my mother's throat.

"I'm having another orgasm!" Mom squealed pulling her head off my semi-erect dick, fucking herself faster and harder with her large black 12” dildo.
"Let me do that for you Mom," I said telling her to lay flat on her back on her bed.
"Nibble my stiff nipples while you're at it," Mom begged.

I rammed mom's hot pussy using her black dildo kneeling over her sucking her erect brown nipples before shoving my face between her hot new boobs.

Mom had a boob job done six months prior ending up with a set of 43DD's.

I could have smothered myself between her glorious looking tits.

"Do you want to fuck them again?" mom asked grinning.
"Right now Mom, right after I finish doing this. Take this mom, take this, feel your big black dildo fucking your hot pussy. Orgasm mom, I want you to cum. I'm gonna muff you in a minute, take this and this and this," I said ramming her dildo deeper and deeper listening to my mother's screams in ecstasy writhing her body.
"Keep still mom, don't move around so fucking much," I said.
"I can't help it baby, I keep having orgasms, muff me now," Mom said telling me to yank the big black dildo out of her hot pussy.

"I'll muff you Darleen, and you son are going to fuck her ass! She loves it up the ass as much as having her hot pussy fucked don't you Darleen?" Dad asked his wife, my mother, shocking the shit out of us standing at his and my mom's bedroom door with his oozing 9" stiffy in hand slowly jerking it back 'n' forth.

"Fuck you Doug," mom said giggling staring at my dad.
"You'd love to see that, wouldn't you slut?" dad asked chuckling.
"Go fuck Mary Jane again and fuck her ass while you're at it," mom replied referring to my 16 year old sister.

"She's on the rag again, I fucked her pussy raw yesterday," Dad said lightly laughing.
"Then tell her to suck you off or go fuck her ass or did you do that also?" mom asked propping herself on her elbows staring at dad.

"Nice dick, son. You take after your old man don’t you?” Dad asked me smiling staring at my stiffy laying beside my mother.

"Why don't you join us Dad," I said grinning.
"No Kevin, I don't want your father in bed with us right now. I want you to muff me before you fuck my hot tight pussy," mom said.
"Your pussy tight, like hell it is!" Dad declared laughing heartily.
"Knock it off Doug or I'll tell Kevin to fuck YOU!" mom declared.
"Like hell he will but I wouldn't mind shoving my prick up his hot looking butt," dad replied.
"No fucking way Dad not my ass," I stated.
"Still got a virgin ass do you?" Dad asked playing with his pecker.
"And it'll remain virgin territory forever!" I declared.
"Not if I say differently and I do say differently. You're gonna fuck your mother's cunt and I'm gonna be standing right behind you fucking your tight virgin ass, right fucking now," Dad said advancing towards my mother and I.
"Wait just a second," mom shouted in protest.
"What now Slut?" Dad asked.
"Listen to me Kevin. Allow your father to fuck your ass if you can first fuck his ass with this," mom said holding her dildo.

Dad stripped saying, "Be my fucking guest and you Slut can work my cock at the same time!"

Dad's hard naked hirsute muscular body laid flat on his back with his legs spread-eagle telling me to work the lubed dildo into his ass staring at my mother telling her to get busy sucking his swollen oozing knob.

Dad grunted and groaned. Dad bellowed in pain-pleasure with me kneeling between his legs working the big black dildo inside his fuck tube. Mother was sucking Dad's cock kneeling over his head with her knees touching the tops of his shoulders. Mom pinched, squeezed, tugged and twisted Dad's stiff nipples. Dad was shouting into mom's pubes, an inch away from her clitoris. Dad grabbed mom's hips muffing her, hearing her groaning while working his big hard dick post.

I had eight of the twelve inch dildo inside dad's ass. I began fucking his hot hole faster and faster. My cock was aching and throbbing, oozing precum nectar. Mom pulled her head off Dad's cock, kneeling upright feeling the tip of Dad's tongue digging into her pussy. I leaned forward gripping mom's left shoulder while french-kissing her passionately as I continued fucking my dad's hot butt with the slippery dildo ramming the entire twelve inches into his fuck tube.

Dad bellowed and screamed.
"You're raping me!" he cried.
"No I'm not Dad you love it, take this and this and this," I shouted fucking his hole with the black dildo again and again.

"I'm going to fuck your virgin ass so fucking hard that you won't be able to walk for a week!" Dad exclaimed telling me to suck his oozing cock because he was about to shoot his dad loads.

"I don't suck cock," I replied.
"Oh yes you do, right now, suck me off and don't spill a drop of your dad's hot seed, do it!" Dad shouted.
"Suck his cock," mother said smiling telling her husband to muff her again.

Dad's nutsac tightened. My lips surrounded his knob. I rammed the dildo all the way inside his ass giving it a couple of twists. Dad's cum blasted out of his prick. I swallowed and swallowed, wolfing down his dad seed. I was pleased with his tasty cum treat. His cum tasted the same as mine.

Mom leaned over grabbing dad's cockshank. I drilled his butt with the big black dildo causing dad's boner to ooze. Mom coated her lips with it before kissing me again. That was my first cum kiss but not the last. Mom would kiss me later using my seed when I shot it into her hot mouth with my dad fucking my rump for all it was worth.

My dad didn't rape me. He was tender taking his time while mother sucked my oozing knob. I began craving Dad's hot cock inside my ass and within a minute of him fully inside me I started begging him to fuck the shit out of me.

"I knew you'd love it up the ass just like your old man does sometimes," Dad said lightly laughing pumping his prick in and out of my hot bum.

"Dad, you're gonna make me cum," I said moaning and gasping.
"Wish you were flat on your back and not on all fours right now because I'd be sucking you off with my fuckpost inside your hot sweet virgin arse," Dad said moaning.

"Get out of the way mom," I said to my mother pulling my ass off my father's prick.
I laid flat on my back tossing my legs into the air offering my rosebud to my Dad.
"Finish fucking me now Dad and suck my cock, I'm so fucking close," I moaned.
"Don't you want me to suck you off?" Mother asked disappointed.
"No mom, I want Dad to suck me off. This feels so fucking hot. Kiss me if you want mom," I said whimpering.
"Kiss my ass, you men are all the same," mother said hopping off the bed racing into her en suite saying she was taking a shower, leaving me and my dad alone with him fucking my hot rear end.

"Are you close son?" Dad asked moaning and grunting.
"Hurry Dad, shoot your spunk inside me or suck my cock or both, I'm going to cum!" I declared.

Dad ground his hips into my ass. His low hangers slapped my ass crack sending me over the edge.

Rapidly, Dad grabbed my hard oozing stiffy leaning over me taking my oozing knob into his hot oral cavity.

"Oh fuck Dad, oh fuck here's my spunk!" I bellowed, emptying my cum tank within my dad’s hot mouth.

My mother and I had sex togehter one other time after Dad fucked my ass. It was later that evening with dad and Mary Jane watching us while Dad fucked my sister's ass.

Dad and I became lovers the following evening when he slipped into bed with me for a night of sheer fucking pleasure. Mom and Mary Jane ended up together as lesbian lover for the following seven years before my sister hit the road with some bull-dyke she met at a truck stop!

Mother found herself a 15 year old boy who couldn't get enough of her big tits, her pussy and asshole that he fucked hours on end!


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