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My daughter, her boyfriend and my husband

  • Sunday, May 18 2008 @ 01:23 PM PDT
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I came home early from a trip to find my daughter sucking her boyfriend's cock. That was surprising enough but I saw my husband with his cock in the boyfriend. I was amazed. They did not see me. I stripped naked and sat in a chair watching my daughter work her boyfriend, Todd. He was moaning with delight and my husband, Frank was rubbing his hands up and down Todd's chest as he fucked him from behind. When he was finished he stood beside Todd and Jill reached over and worked his cock with her hand. I sat there with my fingers going in my pussy and grabbing my tits. Then Jill went and laid on my bed and her dad followed and started rubbing his face in her pussy while he was bent over Todd's cock was going in and out of his ass. I began moaning with my fingers going in and out. Frank looked up and smiled. He told Todd go fuck her. Todd filled Frank up with cream and came with it still dripping to me. I spread my legs more for him to get in. I ended up on the floor and he put his cock in me. I was wrapping my legs around him, pulling his face towards my breasts while watching my husband do oral on my daughter. We came at the same time. Todd and I went to the bed. My daughter smiled up at me and then latched on to my tits. I was taken aback but relaxed alittle while watching Frank and Todd going at it. She put her hand in my pussy and worked me a little then said she had to lick Todd from my pussy. Then Frank and Todd licked her face clean and I watched my husband fuck my daughter. Todd laid down beside her and nibbled on her tit. I did the same and then played with her clit while he pumped her full of cock. She orgasmed twice on him. I loved seeing his big cock going in and out of her cunt. Todd came around me and started pumping my ass with his cock. Frank came in front and put his cock in my cunt. Jill played with my clit and I was in heaven. We all fell back on the bed. I asked how long they had been doing this. Jill said, "I've sucked dad's cock since I was little, it was only recently when he found Todd fucking me that we started doing this. I love when they both fuck me at the same time." I looked at her and agreed. Then I went down on Todd's cock with my mouth and he loaded me with cream. Frank watched in amazement. Then I went down on him. I got out my vibrating dildo and told the boys to fuck Jill. While they did they watched me masturbate with my dildo. I loved watching and being watched. I never had cum to such an orgasm before with a dildo. Then they all took turns licking me clean and the dildo. I am glad I came home early. Sex had gotten boring but there is something about watching your husband fuck a girl especially your daughter.


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