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My little sister and the vibrator

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 02:39 AM CDT
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After my little sister taught me the taste of pussy. I had my friend by me a small vibrator. One morning I woke up to my finger a little wet and my knuckle rubbing something. My little sister was smiling in my face and said, "I want some cream. I want to feel good." I pulled out the little vibrator and turned it on. It had ten different modes. I started by laying it in her little pussy and then pulsated her clit with it. She was wiggling with delight. Then I put it in her vagina and pulled it out and licked it then put it back in and put it in her mouth. She loved it. I worked her until she couldn't take anymore then she took the vibrator and worked over my clit while fisting me. Then she put it in my vagina and worked it and then pulled it out to taste it. Then she put her fist in my face and I licked it. Then she put her tongue in while using the vibrator on the clit. I filled her with enough cream for awhile. She fell asleep with her face on my pussy and she left the vibrator in my vagina on. So I made more cream as she slept. I thought my thrusting on my pelvis would wake her but she just smiled. Then she woke up and dove into my pussy with fingers and tongue. I love making cream for her. Then she surprised me by putting her pussy on mine and rubbing them together with the vibrator between us pulsating. I have to get a dildo now. She is just driving me crazy. But I do like tasting cream and making her happy.


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